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Transport Management System, TMS Solutions, TMS Services, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Transport Management System
Transport Management System, TMS Solutions
Segment : Logistics & Transportation
Product Type : Web Base
Front End : ASP. Net
Web Server : Microsoft IIS
Server OS : Windows
Client OS : Windows
Browser : Mozilla Fire Fox
Leverage and optimize your company's transportation processes competitively. SAA Transportation Management software consolidates orders and optimizes shipping across your company – enabling you to maximize your return on transportation costs.

SAA Technologies TMS Solutions from the company that really knows transportation. True enterprise-ready software for companies that manage or provide transportation services-from shippers and logistics service providers to private and dedicated fleets to bulk carriers, LTLs, truckload carriers and pure, non-asset-based freight brokerage. It's not dispatch software, it's Enterprise Transportation Management Software

SAA Technologies, TMS Can Deliver These benefits :
• Enables Decision makers to act on quantifiable facts and established procedures with “Fact-based” reports.
• Improve Order accuracy and fulfillment for greater customer satisfaction and higher retention.
• Gain visibility by creating an infrastructure that links technologies, business processes and functions.
• Control Cash Flow and provide profitability reporting capabilities.
• Mange your Trucks, Trailers & Drivers.
• Streamline your Fright Billing Process.
• Increase Truck, Trailer and equipment Utilization.
• Streamline your Order Input and Invoicing.
• Extensive reporting and KPI/metric dashboard for continuous improvement and higher profitability.
• Integration with Major service and solution Providers.
• Exception Tracking and Alerts.
• Driver and equipment qualifications and load requirement tracking, business rules and alerts.