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Library Management System
Library Management System Pune

On the basis of activities carried out in Library, modules are integrated in various sections as follows :-


Registers :- This module will contain 2 types of registers .

A] Accession register :-
This will contain the whole Accession Register as it is being kept manually. It will provide many facilities like browsing, editing, adding, etc. for duplicate copies or no. of editions a person need not have to type the same entry again.

B] Member register :-
This register gives idea about your customers who avail the library facility. This will give detailed information about members as per the admission form. It will show categories of members like children or adult, life member or temporary one. With this categories, system will restrict in issuing books like children can not issue book from adult section.

OPAC system : -
This library computerized system will be OPAC system i.e. Online Public Access Catalogue. For this main menuís will appear on the screen & just by pressing a button all details will appear on the screen. It will need minimum data to be entered for users. So this will be a user friendly system. That users will not have to search manually whether a particular book is available or not. This will have direct connection with cataloguing & transaction module.
Transaction module : -
Issue & return is a prime activity of any library. Once a customer is entered in a library, he/she will issue books and return some to a library. This module will handle the charging and discharging system. As a member has been issued a book, details about that member, along with details about book which he has issued will entered here. This will show the current status of the book.

When that book will be returned by member, entry will be very simple. Only the Accession No. of a book, will be cancelled by his name. This entry will reflect for the book available in the library. This facility i.e. book is in library or not, will be stated with IN/OUT status. This module will be linked with cataloguing & OPAC module.

Cataloging :-
Once a book is entered in the accession register, no other entry is required to type manually. Just pressing a cataloging menu, each book will be cataloged. Catalogs will be prepared on the basis of indexing rules. It will have various access heads such as subject, title and author. It will give all the necessary information. Printed catalogue cards can be prepared.
Reports Generation : -
In any institution whether it is academic or social, it has to generate & maintain no. of records. For library also it is necessary to keep no. of records. Instead, of writing manually, just by accessing through system in computer, you can generate number of reports.
  • accession registers report
  • member register report, to full page statement can be file
  • pending list report of members
  • daily issuing & daily returns report
  • history of a particular book (that how many time a book is issued out)
  • history of a particular member(that how many books a person has issued )
  • Report for total amount of collection (deposit / fee / fine) can be calculated. Accordingly daily amount can be tallied.
Daily accounts balance reports can also be generated
System is Bar code interfaced to minimize the data entry errors and fast transaction ratio. RFID Can also be integrated to system as per requirement.